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1912-1928 Philippines, Siberia, China and Japan
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William P Carey


William P Carey was a buglar for Company C of the 31st and served from 1919-1922 and served in the Philippines, Siberia, China and Japan.

His grandson Bill Vander Brink has graciously shared these photos with us.

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Nick Meza Co D-31st


Gary Meza's father passed away a few years ago and while going through his possessions he came across some photos and paperwork that belonged to his father. They were his grandfathers original discharge papers that were hand completed on December 26, 1919. He served in the 31st Infantry Regiment Co D from September 2, 1918 to December 22, 1919. Gary has shared with us the photos he found from his grandfather's service in Siberia.

Gary told us his grandfather Nick passed away in 1940.

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Sergeant Joseph Ostrowski, Co. D, 31st infantry


I found your web site and was thrilled to see another person holding information on Co. D serving in Siberia during WW1. My grandfather Joseph was from Poland (Russian under the partition) and was fluent in English, Russian, Polish, German and Hungarian. He served in the 27th in Manila and must have been transferred to the 31st due to his language skills. He told me that he would guard prisoners and would also question locals for his commanders. He explained that they would give him information in exchange for bits of chocolate. Other than sharing his frost bite wounds he did not speak of the hardships and battles he saw. I can tell you he was intensely proud of serving and especially of his sergeant rank.

I have attached copies of my grandfathers enlistment records for your collection. It is interesting to note that he was promoted to Corporal at Camp Fremont days before he was made a naturalized citizen.

Jeff Potocsnak (grandson of Sergeant Joseph Ostrowski)

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Robert John Stephen Lyman, Sr.


Photos submitted by Sean Lyman, grandson of Robert

Sean provided the following service information for his grandfather

Robert John Stephen Lyman Sr.


Pennsylvania National Guard 1925-27 Scranton, PA
31st Infantry Regiment, Co. B 1928- Manila, Phillipine Islands
30th Infantry Regiment 1930- Presidio, San Francisco?
27th Infantry Regiment, Co. C 1934-36 Schofield Barracks
890th Military Police Company (Aviation) 1941-46 England - 1st SGT
9th Air Base Group 1946-51 Travis AFB
5th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 1951-53 Travis AFB
USAF Reserve 1953-59
Retired in Grade MSGT

American Defense Ribbon
American Theatre Ribbon
ETO Ribbon, Victory Medal

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Anthony Christina


Photo submitted by Anthony's grandaughter, Jennifer Littlefield

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"Ted" Harry Varena


"Ted" Harry Varena instructed his attorney to donate the items in this album to the 31st Infantry Regiment Association. There are 13 sepia toned post cards of the 31st in the Philippines shortly before or after the Siberian Expedition, two photos of "Grandpa Varena" and an undated letter written by Harry Varena after Siberia.

Harry C Varena according to the attorney was born in Italy, enlisted and was serving in the Philippines when the 31st and 27th were sent to Siberia. He started out in "I" Company and later transferred to the Coast Artillery.

The original documents have been forwarded to the Association Historian Karl Lowe.

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John A Pierson Company A


The studio portraits were taken at Fort William McKinley, Rizal, Philippines.

The captions and names were scribbled on the backs of the photos. I've also attached a page of the 1920 census listing all the men of the 31st (Company A) whose names were written on the photos.

Info on my grandfather is below:

John Alexander Pierson (1898-1960)
Born in Scott County, VA; died in Kingsport, TN
31st Infantry (Company A)

photos submitted by John Tipton

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Manila 1933-35
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Chadwick H. Barrie, Sr


My father Chadwick H. Barrie Sr. served in the 31st from 1933 to 1935 in Manila. I have his photo album with many photos of the Regiment.

Chadwick's son Chadwick had posted this comment - Herman Spoto D/6-31 wrote to Chadwick regarding the photos. Thank you Herman for following up on this post so that we may all enjoy the Barrie photos from 1933-35

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Bataan and Corregidor
HqC 3rd Brigade, 31st Regiment - Joseph M HarperThese photos were submitted to us by the Harper family - they have not been enhanced or modified from the originals. Some were taken from a rolled up batch of negatives that were printed and scanned, others were from Joe's photo album. The Harper family gratefully appreciates any identification you can add to these photos - use the comment function of the gallery software. They also are pleased to share these memories with you however, the images remain the property of the Harper family and they respectfully request that these images not be used for personal or commercial use without their express permission.
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PVT Tommy RogersTommy Rogers served with the 31st, 1st and 2nd Bat at Chunchon during 1946-1947.

Sadly he passed away on April 12, 2007 - his son, David Rogers has shared these photos with us.

David tells us his Dad was only 17 when he served. He would talk about the Japanese barracks and other things. He also spoke of capturing 6 North Korean soldiers trying to sneak across the border.
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A Co 2-31st - Joseph HerberJoe Herber served with A Company 2-31st in Korea during 1967 - 1968.
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Charlie Company 1951-1953 - Bob HeuermanThese photos are from Bob Heuerman's collection which he graciously shared with us. They were at one time posted on the original 31st Regiment website.
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Company E 1948-1951 SGT Vernon RossSadly Vernon Ross has passed away, these photos were submitted by his daughter.

(These photos were Ross' or given by his buddies. They are cropped and cleared up or copies of the originals. Do enjoy them and comment through the gallery function, but please do not use them without permission.)

Ross enlisted in 1947 at Ft Banks MA and was assigned to Easy Co, 31st in Japan 1948 among the Korea Occupation Forces. Ross and Lloyd Pitman went ashore in South Korea among the 31st invasion forces Sept 1950, and on to Suwon-Osan and on to the invasion of North Korea, where Ross drove jeeps and trucks alot and helped truck out Chosin disaster evacuees. Early 1951, Ross and Pitman returned stateside, finishing out their Army time in 47th and 60th Regts at Ft Dix. If you recognize anything about these men or any other in Easy Co. in this time frame, e-mail ......

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2-31st 7th Infantry Division - Fred WendelFred Wendel, Medic Platoon 2-31st, 7th ID submitted these photos. The Christmas party of 1967 at Camp Casey through sometime in March of 1969.
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1-31st 1984-1987 Robert SmithServed with the 1st/31st at Camp Howze and DMZ of South Korea from July 1984 to July 1985, Team Spirit 86 from February to March 1986 under I Corps (from Fort Hood Texas), then Camp Howze, and DMZ from January 1987 to January 1988

These are of Camp Howze, and of the DMZ. We had the DMZ missions from July to September or October or each year, 1984-5 and 1987.
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Clarence MenclewiczPVT Clarence Menclewicz was killed in action March 7, 1953 - his great niece Melissa was gracious enough to share these photos of Clarence with us.
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William (Bill) SwearingenWilliam Swearingen was a Warrant Officer jg in the Mundung ni area of Korea from 1951 - 1952

His daughter Elizabeth Brewer has shared these with us in hopes that someone might be able to identify those in the photos. Her father suffers with Parkinsons and dementia and he cannot recall any of the names. If you are able to identify anyone in the photos please contact us so that we may forward the information along to the Swearingen family.
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Camp Greaves Korea - 1975Photos submitted by Sanford Beyer, 2LT, INF

A Co, 1st Bn, 31st Inf (Mech)
2nd Inv Div
Camp Greaves, Korea
Jan 1975 – Feb 1976

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Melvin L. Handy - ChosinMy Uncle, Melvin L. Handy, PFC, Heavy Weapons, M Company, 3rd Bn., 31st Inf. Regt. of the 7th Inf. Div. He is listed as MIA, Dec. 12, 1950 at the Chosin.I have spent many years trying to compile info, documents, photos, etc. regarding his service time, most without great success.As you know the #1 problem was the 1973 fire in St. Louis. So I'm writing to see if my info shown here could be posted in the newsletter with the hope that possibly someone might have known him and could respond with any thing that they might remember about his service/death, etc. Maybe photos? I've attached a photo that was taken in the EM Club at Camp Crawford that maybe someone could identify the guys shown. I'm sure that they were in M Company since my Uncle sent the photo home prior to shipping out to Korea. The other attachment is a copy of CIB Award Orders that he and many others of M company are listed on.
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Vincent Guenthenspberger A/1-31st
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VietnamIn addition to the galleries of Vietnam photos presented here on the 31st US Infantry Regiment Association website - a vast collection of over 6000 photographs submitted by the men of the 6-31st can be viewed at one of the 6-31st websites. Cut and paste this link in your browser to be directed to the 6-31st galleries.

A Co 4-31 196 LIB - John HouchinJohn served with A Co 4-31 196 LIB from Dec 1969 - July 1970, he walked point for the 1st Platoon 1st Squad from Feb to July
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A Co 4-31 196 Lib Americal Divison - James Allen LogueThese photos were submitted by James Allen Logue - Jim served with A Co 4-31 196 LIB Americal Division from Oct 69-Oct 70.

If you are interested in contacting Jim directly his email address is:
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A Co 4-31 196 LIB - Bob ScottBob Scott, served Alpha Co. 4/31, 196th Lib, in the second platoon from Feb. '70 till Oct. '70
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A Co 4-31 196 LIB - John WebreThese photos were submitted by John Webre - A Co 4-31 3rd Platoon 196th LIB 70-71.

You can contact John at
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A Co 4-31 196 LIB - Van Dell FoutsVan Dell Fouts, Vietnam 2nd Platoon, Alpha Co. 4/31, 196 Lib, Americal Div. from Sept 1969 to Sept 1970
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A Co 4-31 196 LIB - Rod Guyette3rd Herd
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A Co 4-31 196 LIB - Bob OlszewskiBob served with A Co 4-31 196 LIB during 1970-71. Sadly Bob passed on a few years ago. His wife Karen had shared these photos with Jim Logue in the hopes that Jim could help ID some of the guys in the photos.
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A Co 4-31 196 LIB - Ben PerryCo A 4/31 196th Lib Americal 1970 to 1971 he extended his tour and became part of Headquarters company on LZ West In the BOTOC
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C Co 4-31 196th LIB - Gilbert "Frenchie" ManasselianThese photos were submitted by Gilbert "Frenchie" Manasselian. Frenchie served with C Co 4-31 196 LIB from 02/68 - 02/69. You can contact him at
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D Co 4-31 - Lloyd Martin FOLloyd Martin was the FO attached to D Company 4-31 from February - August 1968.

You can contact Lloyd at
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D Co 6-31 - Karl LoweKarl Lowe's photos of his tour in Vietnam
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A Co 4-31, Feb - Dec 1970 Daniel R. LaPierre
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4-31 Active Duty Troops
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Iraq 2009-2010


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Fort Drum1Lt Chris Sanchez (Public Affairs Officer) of the 4-31 at Fort Drum has been kind enough to share these photos with us. The hope is to give you an idea of what life at Fort Drum has been like for our newest Polar Bears.

These troops deployed in August 2006 to Iraq.
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Fort Sill, OK
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Richard Brothers 4-31 1973-1974


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Kingman AZ Korean Veteran MemorialIn November of 1997 - Charles Land, Leigh Whitbeck, Bob Heuerman, Manny Peralta and Tom Murray, all members of the 31st Infantry Regiment Association, sponsored a Korean memorial plaque in honor of those that served during the conflict and have continuously served there until now and are still serving there. The memorial is for all Korean Vets past and present, pre-war and DMZ. Bob Heuerman has shared with his photos of the plaque and dedication ceremony, as well as a bit of history how the memorial came to be.
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Polar Bear Memorials
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Fort Rucker, ALChris Hazell sent us these photos of the Polar Bear at Ft Rucker

Karl Lowe was able to provide the history of the Ft Rucker bear.

The Polar Bear statue was erected by the 2nd
Battle Group 31st Infantry at Ft Rucker in 1960 when they were the Aviation
School's support unit. The unit was later reorganized as the 5th Battalion
31st Infantry and moved to Ft Benning as part of the 197th Infantry Brigade.
The last time I (Karl Lowe) was at Ft Rucker (about 5 years ago), the building shown in
the picture (the 5th Battalion's former Headquarters building)had become the
post reenlistment office and the bear was painted red, white, and blue, with
the recruiting command insignia painted on its chest. Every unit that gets
the building adopts the bear and gives it new clothes. This time it seems
to be the "black widows"--188th Assault Helicopter Company of the 269th
Aviation Battalion, formerly out of Bien Hoa, VN. They supported the 6th
Battalion 31st Inf on operations in Gia Dinh, Long An, and Hau Nghia
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ReunionsPhotos from the annual 31st Infantry Regiment Reunions taken by the men of the 6-31 can be viewed from the 6-31 Vietnam website
G Company, 31st Inf , 7th Inf Div, Korea The next G Company reunion will be at the Norma Dan Motel, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, on Sept. 28 - Oct 1, 2009.
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196th LIB Reunion July 2007
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1989 - 1999Thanks to Bob Heuerman we have been given photographs from the 31st Regiment Association annual reunions from 1989 through 1999. Thank you Bob, for preserving these memories and for helping us to look back at the Association history.
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1990 reunion of 31st at Ft. SillLloyd Martin (D/4-31) sent us these photos
1 6
2003 Colorado Springs, Co
2004 Tacoma, WADon Williams graciously shared these photos with us of the Tacoma, WA reunion
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2005 Columbus, GAThese photographs of the 2005 Columbus, GA reunion of the 31st Regiment Association were submitted by the men of the 6-31st.
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2006 Syracuse, NYThe photographs displayed in this gallery were commissioned by the 31st Regiment Association and remain the property of In-Focus Photography. The images are displayed here to assist you with the process of ordering copies through In-Focus Photography. We respectfully request that you do not copy or download these images for your personal or commercial use. If you are interested in obtaining copies of these images please refer to the Reunion 2006 Photograph page of the website. Your consideration and cooperation are appreciated.
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2010 - Reno, NV
1 38
2011 - Columbus GA - Ft BenningThe highlight of the 2011 reunion was the dedication of the 31st Infantry Regiment Association Memorial monument on the Walk of Honor at the Ft. Benning National Infantry Museum.
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2012 - Washington DC (Alexandria VA)
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